Plumbing and drainage drawings

AGENTJ drawing have proficient knowledge in the use of Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit for the purpose of engineering for the application of plumbing and drainage systems. Our CAD drafting staff create a detailed set of professional Revit or cad drawings to detail the plumbing and drainage system. Our cad manager checks these drawings to ensure quality control of the issued drawings.

One of our iconic drawing projects was Tip Top Head Office, Auckland, New Zealand, where we measured up and As built the piping, tanks and drainage for site compliance. We have drawn the plumbing for many multistory buildings including hospitals, office towers, apartments etc.

We have drawn numerous P & IDs for geothermal power stations, chemical plants, water treatment plants and systems. We have worked on cool stores laying out the under floor heating piping and the refrigeration plantrooms for large scale cool stores by the Auckland Airport.

Plumbing and drainage drawings sets can include:
•  Drawing of domestic water supply system. 
•  Riser diagrams, isometric drawings, schematics and schedules. 
•  Sanitary and stormwater drain systems.
•  Compressed air as well as gas pipe system planning drawings. 
•  Legend sheets.  
•  Identification of sanitary fixtures etc. 
•  Pipe sizing and line generation.
•  Plumbing pipe networks. 
•  Sewage treatment plants.

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